**Updated and Expired** 20 Free Huggies Enjoy the Ride Codes!!

Huggies Enjoy the Ride Free Points Codes

Final Update (I hope):  Unfortunately it looks like Huggies has posted on their FB Page HERE that these codes were not authorized by them and are not valid or redeemable.  I’m not sure why they worked at all if that is the case or why they are still showing up in my account.  I guess Huggies was not prepared for the power of social media and the internet as these codes were apparently leaked, shared and worked for many of us today.

They were originally shared in a Mommy forum and passed on to a blogger friend by a reader.  Since I tried them and they worked and appeared to be valid I shared them here. It was an honest mistake.  I apologize for the inconvenience it may have caused you entering all these codes in.  I did it too!  But unfortunately for all of us who got them it looks like they will not be honored.

UPDATE:  Looks like they may be no longer working.  I’m getting reports that only the last two added are working now.  If anybody gets them to work for them, please let us know.  Thanks!

Woo Hoo!  Here are 18 Huggies Enjoy the Ride Reward codes worth 34 points each for a total of 612 points!  I just entered them all and every one is good!  :)

Please note:  These will not work if you have already entered them in your account.  I know some of you are very much on top of these codes and may have used some or all of these already.  For me they were all new and hopefully will be for most of you too!

Update:  2 more codes just added for a total of 680!!!


If you are not already a member of the Huggies Enjoy the Ride Rewards program you can sign up on their website HERE which is also where you will enter your codes.  Once you do you can start redeeming your points for prizes like diaper coupons, sweepstake entries, toys, books and more.  You can of course earn more points from Huggies products too.

Big thanks to Raking in the Savings for all these codes!

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  1. Sarah Ross Cappella says

    not one of these worked for me, it said “invalid code”, even when I removed the dashes and entered the whole code. Thanks though!

  2. jenn says

    All of these code’s worked for me! Sarah, make sure you’re not taking that dot with the first set of letters. I tried entering it that way first, just copied and pasted them but the dot came with it.

  3. Dee says

    Make sure you enter the codes in the toolbar that runs across the top. I entered in the one in the center and it said invalid. However, I did them at the top and all 612 went through!!!

  4. JEN says

    if you don’t need any of the free rewards, you can donate the points to every little bottom, to help moms that can’t afford diapers!!

    • Amber says

      That is what I do with mine. The video makes me sob. I don’t need anything from these points as much as a little one need a diaper

  5. Jennifer says

    Where are these codes coming from? I just want to be sure these are good codes I just signed up at Huggies and read the Terms and Conditions.

  6. Anna says

    The codes say they work, but they are adding 0 points to my account – is anyone else having trouble still?

    • Cyndi Tucci says

      Mine said that too….how come they aren’t working for me, do you know why that happened with yours?

  7. Karen Clark says

    The 2 newest worked for me but all the others say congratulations you have added 0 points to your acct :(

  8. Amanda says

    Congratulations to all those who got these to work! Only the last two worked for me, but hey, free points are still free points, thanks for posting!

  9. Amanda Fletcher says

    Every one of them either said it had already been entered (I haven’t entered points in months) or came up as 0 points. :(

  10. eiochoa says

    The last 2 newest worked for me but all the others say congratulations you have added 0 points to your acct ,

    Thank you for the points i did get… :)

  11. Mandy says

    None of these work not even the last two. After I enter them it says congratulations you got 0 points.

  12. cheryl says

    Can someone please tell me how bloggers get these codes? I am always very grateful but dont understand how I can get them myself?. Where do the codes come from??? I have been a huggies rewards member a long time and enter the codes from the products I buy…but where do these “magical codes” that can be used by everybody get released???? Please educate me. Thank you.

    • Michelle says

      Cheryl I believe they were posted in some Mommy forum. So I really don’t know where they originated from. I tried them and they worked so I shared! :)

  13. stephanie says

    I tried some and I guess I already used the ones at the top of the list. So I tried the ones toward the bottom and worked my way up and they said “Congratulation 0 points have been added.” So not sure if that is a bug in their system or if it’s a bogus code now. Hopefully others are getting them to work…just not me :(
    Thanks for sharing

  14. Michelle says

    Looks like they have indeed all expired now. I know a lot of us got them though so it was fun while it lasted. Sorry if you missed them.

  15. Amber says

    If you guys donate them to Every Little Bottom, it helps provide diapers to the mommies who are struggling. All of us are fortunate enough to coupon/save money, but that’s not the case for everyone. Those points make sure make sure a precious little pumpkin has a dry bottom :)

  16. Jenera says


    • amy j. says

      i just got the email from Huggies too…they took all those points off my account, BUT, they did give me a code for 25 points, which is better than nothing.


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