10 Adorable DIY Baby Gift Ideas!

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Here are some great DIY baby gift ideas that I have come across on Pinterest and wanted to share with you.  If you are in need of a baby gift and are feeling crafty or inspired, be sure to click the links to the original sources (below the images).  Some give complete step by step tutorials for making them yourself or some might lead you right to an Etsy shop where you can just purchase these adorable little creations.  Either way, have fun and enjoy and if you want to see more, be sure to follow  my Crafty and DIY Baby Gift Ideas Board over at Pinterest.

Motorcycle Diaper Cake Tutorial

I’ll start with my absolute favorite!  So stinkin’ cute and creative!  Click the link on this one as she’ll give you a complete tutorial with images so you can make this adorable little motorcycle cake yourself.

Paper Free Gift Wrapped Baby Gift w/ Board Book Card

I love this!  The creator of this sweet little gift talks about how she hated to waste money on gift paper that could be used toward the baby instead.  How true that is.  Gift wrap is so expensive these days and it just gets torn off and thrown away.  Using a baby blanket as she did is so much more resourceful and still looks adorable.  I love how she used the board book instead of a card (another huge waste of money) also.

Ice Cream Onesie Baby Shower Gift

The link to this one will take you right to Etsy where you can search for this cute gift.  It looks like it would be super easy to make yourself also.  Either way, cute idea!

Darling Doodles Splish Splash

Here you will find a list of everything you need to put this Splish Splash baby gift together. She even includes the printables to go with it.  So simple and cute!

Framed Birth Announcement

This is such a nice idea from the Crafting Chicks!  All you need is a computer with color printer, wood frame and some acrylic paint to make one of these.  Go check them out for complete instructions.  Such a thoughtful gift!

The Bapron (Baby Apron)  Tutorial

If you can sew (which I can’t unfortunately), you’ll love this Bapron tutorial complete with pattern, images and even the exact fabrics she used.  I didn’t see a place to buy them, but if you can make it, lucky you.  Super cute and of course functional!  I definitely could have used a few of these when mine were still in bibs.

Wipes Container Baby Toy

Here is a great idea for a re-purposed wipes container.  You have to check out the post with instructions on how to make it because the picture I used doesn’t do it justice.  I love this idea because my daughter, for one, is addicted to holding baby wipes or washcloths.  This gives them something to play with without wasting all those wipes.

Onesie Baby Shakes

How cute are these?  It makes me think of Frappucinos which every new mom surely needs.  You can purchase these at Etsy for $25 along with some other baby gifts.  Or of course make it yourself if you feel inspired.  Here is what you will find in these… Contains 4 Onesies, 4 Diapers, 8 White Wash Cloths, 4 red “cherry” socks in clear cups with dome lid.   Pretty clever if you ask me!

Baby Shower Diaper Cakes

What baby gift list would be complete without diaper cakes?  The link above will take you to a Diaper Cake Squidoo page complete with video tutorial on how to make them.  You’ll also find theme ideas and some other baby shower inspiration while you’re there.

Bassinet Diaper Cakes

If you want something a little less traditional than a diaper cake but equally adorable, check out these bassinet cakes.  The link will take you to a eCrater store where you can purchase these for $12.50.  I don’t think you could even buy the diapers for that little.  But if you think you want to give making one a try, I googled instructions and a few videos and tutorials came up as well as some nice sites.  So you should be able to easily find a tutorial that suits you.

I hope this list inspires you to come up with some simple yet “Oh so cute!” baby gift ideas for the next little bundle of joy that arrives in your life.  I know I’ll be referring to it the next time I need a baby gift.


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