Plum District Cyber Monday 40% Off = $10 for $50 at for Really Inexpensive Angel Dear Lovies or Other Personalized Gifts!

$10 for $50 at Makaboo Angel Dear LoviesOkay, so I was really excited to find this deal and if my girls weren’t getting older already I’d definitely take advantage of it myself.  We already own 2 each of the Angel Dear Lovies and they are like gold to my girls!  They can’t sleep without them and are very comforted by them.  Plus they are just so darn cute!  And guess what… has them for $19.99 with embroidery included!  But you don’t have to pay that.  You can get 2 plus something else for the low price of $10 + shipping if you are new to Plum District.  Or choose from other adorable personalized or embroidered products including pillows, blankets, sweaters, hoodies, hats and more!

Here’s how…

Sign up to Plum District HERE and you will get $5 credit.  Find the deal ($25 for $50 credit) and add it to your cart.  When you check out use code CYBER40 to score 40% off making it only $15 for $50 or $10 for new members who apply the $5 credit.  That’s it!  You’ll be given a voucher to and can grab the adorable Angel Dear Lovies or other baby/kid personalized or embroidered products at a truly great price!

Makaboo Kissy Kissy Personalized Fancy Pants

Makaboo Kissy Kissy Personalized Fancy Pants

Sign up and check out this Plum District Deal HERE!

You can also add additional deals to your cart for the 40% off so be sure to check them all out.  I’ve ordered several times from Plum District and always been extremely satisfied with the deals I’ve scored.  In fact I have to find something to take advantage of the 40% off myself.  CYBER40 code expires 11/29.

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